Brand Profile - Ashley St George

Brand Profile - Ashley St George

As we entered the festive season and stepped into summertime we decided it was time to freshen up some our online store and get new photographs of the amazing local product we stock!


We contacted our friend Ashley St George!

The name may sound familiar to Canberrans. Ash has stocked at POP Canberra, represented by her freelance brand 'Pew Pew Studio' and has also worked with a string of Canberra’s best restaurants, businesses, retailers and more.

Delivering stunning photographic visuals & creative videography, Ash isn’t afraid of a challenge and is incredibly easy to work with!


We had two half day photoshoots with Ash, one on site at Workshop POP and the other at the beautiful Wiluna flower studio & concept space. Over the two days we produced two different, yet cohesive, photographic visions for our products.

Ash has a keen eye for detail, a developed aesthetic and a magic touch that brings products alive, creating a sense of emotional connection with her photo subjects and has delivered the tantalising vision we dreamt up. 


How long have you been taking photos for and how long have you been printing and selling your works?

I’ve been taking photos since I was in high school - that’s when I started doing photography as a subject. Prior to that I would assist my Dad when he photographed the occasional wedding for a friend or family member, so that’s really when I got into it! I then went on to study photography at uni, but only started selling my photographs a couple of years ago. I print my photos with Lucent Imaging and they make it so easy because they package them up all nicely too!

Why is local shopping important to you?

I love the idea that I’m supporting someone’s passion by buying their product, and the more of that we have locally the more creative, interesting and diverse community we’re building. So much care is in a small business and that comes through in the product, which leads you appreciate the effort and the object more than something that is mass produced. 


What is your favourite aspect of your photography practice?

I love that every day is different. I would hate having a repetitive job, where I am stuck at a desk. I crave the movement and creativity. 

As I photograph a lot of food I also get to taste a lot of amazing dishes and talk to chefs about food. I love cooking so being able to chat about produce and techniques, and getting to taste what I shoot is definitely one of my favourite aspects of what I do.


Do you have a “regular” day job or are you a full time photographer?

I do this full time - I was lucky enough to have the build up a clientele base straight out of uni so I’ve been freelancing since then which has turned into a business with my partner, Rohan Thomson. 

What is your favourite spot in Canberra?

I love going for a bushwalk at sunrise, and in particular on Mt Ainslie! It’s such a good feeling getting to the top at such a quiet and peaceful part of the day look over Lake Burley Griffin as the sun rises. 


What have you been binge watching?

I actually don’t watch very much tv at all! But I confess I watched all of the Fresh Prince of Belair when COVID restrictions were tighter… so many good dance moves and outfits. 

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