POP at home journal

POP at home journal

Okay, we've teased enough….

We would like to introduce you to our new POP project, POP at home!


Okay, okay, okay, what is POP at home?

POP at home is a new ongoing project that will run all year round and will be made up of different creative collaborations with our community.

At POP we believe in the importance of building a local home; of stepping outside of prescribed trends and away from fast-fashion and retail giants.


The importance of buying local to support our makers, producers and economy is paramount, particularly after recent world events. Through our brand profile features we have highlighted how these products make it to our shelves. We've spoken to the people behind the brands. We've showcased the skill, talent, and sheer dedication these makers have.

We are passionate about using local products on a day-to-day basis; we believe this is an investment.

An investment you are making in community, our economy, the environment, and importantly, creating a lifestyle and making an investment in those around you. 

Buying good design that you love, that is well made, from good people is at the centre of POP at home. We believe in building your own unique local home, where everything you purchase has meaning and holds a story.




POP at home is made up of:

POP at home journal on the POP Blog!

That’s right, a whole new blog series. The POP at home journal will delve into the juicy details; sharing the benefits of building a local home and showing some examples of what you can create.

Let's start a conversation about living local.

Monthly table take-over by Belinda Neame

See what Belinda dreams up each month in Shop POP on our feature table and read her journal contribution to get the local lowdown on what she has been loving in her local home.

Styled photoshoots

POP at home will create a collaborative project space that pays our community for their work and time, encouraging creatives and passionate people. 

We kicked things off with a photoshoot by Lauren Sutton, whose beautiful photos are being used for this journal post (and beyond) !

Earlier this week we showed a behind the scenes of this photoshoot and talked to Lauren about her creative practice in our brand profile series.

#POPathome - Show us what you got at POP!

Yes that’s right, we want to collaborate with you! Share your local home with us on instagram, showcasing good things made by good people.


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