POP at home journal - Pink Party!

POP at home journal - Pink Party!

Pink Party – Room by Room


Inspiration for the second installation of the #popathome table came from the change of season. How lucky are we to live in a city that has four very distinct seasons? There’s something about making changes in our homes as the seasons roll over. The cooler seasons call for warmer fabrics like wool, layers of throw rugs, deeper colours, ceramics and red wine yet the warmer seasons have us wanting to add cooler linens and cottons, brighter tones, glassware and Rose!


Why pink? Well apart from it being POP Canberra’s Creative & Community Engagement Manager, Louis’ favourite colour, pink also represents universal love of oneself and of others. Pretty appropriate for Shop POP given their love for local! So we thought lets have apink party at home’ by incorporating pops of pink into a space in each room.


The bedroom

Sometimes this is as simple as introducing some new textiles. Off with the heavy throw rugs and woollen blankets and in with some light and airy PINK linen and cotton. Just changing over your pillow slips and cushions will give your bedroom space a whole new feel.


The living room

Adding plants to interior spaces not only increases oxygen levels, they help to visually cool down a space too. Nothing screams the warmer seasons like flowers and plants so why not get creative with how you display them. Fabric planters and ceramic bowls will add that pop of colour you are looking to incorporate - PINK!


The bathroom

Nothing beats walking into a bathroom that smells and looks fresh. There are many inexpensive ways of changing up the look in your bathroom. Throw in some new towels (in this case, PINK!) and then add in a beautiful oil diffuser or candle and a stack of handmade soaps. Maybe think about scents that work with the warmer months too like coconut, lime, florals etc.


The home office

Styling up your home office not only looks good but it also encourages motivation. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a working space that looks pretty! Go out and collect stationery that is not only functional, but can add a pop of colour to your desk. Notepads, jars of coloured pencils, stacks of cards and books all within the colour theme – PINK! Watch you productivity go up a notch!

The kitchen 

Our taste buds definitely change with the seasons too and we are so spoilt to have food and beverage brands here in Canberra that not only work beautifully with the seasons but their packaging and branding looks the part too! Coffee beans in bright pick packaging will look gorgeous displayed on top of your home coffee machine. A pink glass vase works well as a utensil holder. Switch from winter porridge to summer muesli and cluster it on your kitchen bench with a colourful glass bowl full of seasonal fruit. And why not create a PINK themed drink cart with all the local wine, gin and champagne. 


Written by Belinda Neame

Photography by Tim Bean

Belinda Neame is a local stylist, content creator, supporter of local and a lover of all things handmade, high quality and bespoke.

Belinda is the owner operator of the stunning 'Hold Cottage' in Gunning and founder of 'The Forage' - Canberra's premier street food event.

Belinda's husband, Tim is a firefighter by day and lives behind the lens of his camera when not working for his community. 

Tag your photos #popathome and feature your local purchase with us to share! 

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