Recipe share - Hasty Tasty-Misu

Recipe share - Hasty Tasty-Misu

So this recipe share is cobbled together from a few different 'easy' tiramisu recipes I've found and tried. This one is the best. 

It can be thrown together really quickly and you will look like an absolute Queen when you whip this baddie out at your next dinner party. 

What you need - 

2 shots espresso coffee (we used Redbrick Good Day Coffee)
2 shots coffee liqueur (we used Espresso by Antipodes)
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 tub (like 200-ish g) mascarpone cheese
2 tubs (like 400-ish g) double cream
1 tsp vanilla extract/essence (the one with the little dots is nice and fun)
1 sponge cake (we used the Woolworths twin sponge cake pack)
1/4 cup chocolate drinking powder (we used Jasper and Myrtle Drinking Chocolate)

How you do -

In a mug, pour in caster sugar and espresso. Stir until sugar has dissolved and espresso has cooled.

Whip your mascarpone cheese, double cream, vanilla and a shot of coffee liqueur.

Cut your sponge cakes to make 2 - 3 kinda thin layers.

Once espresso sugar mix has cooled, pour in remaining coffee liqueur.

Get ready to construct! 

We served ours in a Bopdots hand thrown ceramic large shallow dish in satin white glaze. 

Firstly, lay a sponge cake layer. 

Paint or drizzle or whatever some of the coffee syrup.

Spoon on an even amount of the cream mixture.

Sift a generous amount of drinking chocolate powder. 

Repeat until you have used all layers of cake and cream mixture. 

Finish with cream layer on top, sift with drinking chocolate powder and grate (or break up) some chocolate! 

Now serve, serve, serve it up baby 

We have used almost all of the Bopdotz ceramic serving ware range to serve and style this. You can discover how Sara from Bopdotz makes her amazing ceramics on our brand profile! 


Styled by Louis

Photography by Ash St George 

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