Supporting small during lockdown

As we all know the ACT was plunged into an extended lockdown just the other week, joining many other states in Australia. 

We remember the day well... we had just discovered our store had been visited by a cat-burglar during the night. But oh-well, shit happens and we move on! ...

And then a full lockdown was announced, yikes! 

This extended lockdown period presents a harsh reality; halting new projects, seizing all important cash-flow and leaving us vulnerable.

Not being allowed in to the business to perform any tasks; cleaning, admin or to pack online orders is the challenge we are faced with now like many "non-essential" Canberra businesses. A really tricky time for small businesses and a sobering situation to say the least. Along with many other businesses we face a long road out of lockdown and a changed reality for some time; but so does everyone in so many different ways.

We have declined commenting for news outlets or complaining about the total business lockdown as we truely believe that the ACT Gov is working hard to limit the numbers of those infected with the Delta strain. We all have to buck up, play as a team and hold fast to see a quick easing of restrictions - as planned. When the time is right, we will be back in any way that we can.

So, while POP and many other local small businesses are unable to operate, we made a small list of ways you can support small during the lockdown.

1. Leave a positive review online

Leaving a 5-star or positive online can really help a small business get noticed online. Lots of platforms use ratings and reviews to help rank and promote peoples websites, pages or listings!

2. Subscribe to email newsletters

Be in the know! Most businesses have an email newsletter or similar offering. We usually only send an email once a month, or just send updates that are helpful for our customers. 
We usually spend a lot of time (way too much time) on these as we know we are up-against the big companies with their flashy marketing. 
You will usually find these newsletters are pretty useful, with businesses sharing new releases to subscribers first, giving offers or just sharing great tips and info!

3. Share with friends

The best marketing tool is word-of-mouth! 
It's hard for us to harness, but when you share our posts, tag your friends in them, give a business a shout-out, show off your new goods to the 'gram, or tell your friends and family about us, it is the highest compliment of all and spreads all that local love!

4. Like, comment & save posts on socials

Social media is constantly changing and its hard to keep up, but one thing that is constant is user engagement drives the ~algorithm~. 
We work hard to create content that is eye-catching, informative, fun and on-brand, and it can all go unseen depending on how the algorithm swings on that day. 
By liking, commenting and saving posts it shows the algorithm that you like what you are seeing and that others should see it too!


5. Get behind us when we can reopen!

Whether this be online or when we open our stores back up, show up, get involved and support us! 

This is going to be a really tough journey of recovery for all of us small businesses and we will need all the help we can get.