Up your cocktail game!

Up your cocktail game!

Up your cocktail game this festive season at POP Canberra! 

Last week we ran an Instagram giveaway, giving a follower the chance to win a bottle of Underground Spirits ad cresendum native gin. 

Gin has fast become the coolest kid of the block the last few years, so we asked our followers for their favourite gin cocktail!! 

The most unique and wonderful cocktail would win. And we thought we would try making a few of the most interesting recipes to find out for ourselves and to share them with you all.

The winning recipe was by @secretgingarden with their "Christmas Punch" !!

For this you will need:

- 80 ml Underground Spirits ad cresendum native gin

- 750 ml Sparkling white wine (we have used Freddie's Decemeber wine club pick! Brut Tradition. Freddie has had this specially brought in for POP, it is beautiful and we only have a few bottles left!)

- 1 1/2 tsp Tea Garden Co. Sir Earl loose leaf tea

- 1/2 cup caster sugar

- 1 Vanilla bean, split ! 

- To garnish, forage fresh lemon thyme sprigs, a yellow peach & raspberries


- Steep the tea with boiling water & add caster sugar, stirring until sugar is dissolved. 

- Pour tea & sugar solution through a strainer into your best punch bowl

- Add in the gin giving a quick stir

- Pour in the sparkling ! 

- Thinly slice yellow peach and garnish the punch with peach slices, raspberries & sprigs of lemon thyme

- Serve, Slay & Enjoy

(in moderation & responsibly... duh!) 


We also loved two other submissions, so we thought we would include these for you to enjoy!


@littlelauraemily introduced us to her "Bees Knees" cocktail.

For this you need:

- 2 tbsp honey syrup (equal parts pure honey & water)

- 60 ml gin

- 30 ml lemon juice

- To garnish, a lemon


- Make the honey syrup in a sauce pan, gently heating equal parts honey & water

- Let honey syrup cool while stirring

- Fill cocktail shaker with an abundance of ice

- Add gin, lemon juice & then honey syrup

- Shake it, shake it, pop, shop & drop !!!

- With a pairing knife carefully cut some lemon rind for a little lemon twist

- Pour shaken cocktail into glassware and zest your lemon twist over the rim, drop in & serve it up baby.


And lastly we thought @bennnyandthejet deserved a special mention for his "Gin + Tonic Sorbet" cocktail.

For this you will need:

- 400 gm sugar

- 400 ml water

- 400 ml quality tonic

- 4 tbsp gin

- 1 Lime

- 1 Lemon

- 1 egg (white only)


- Make a sugar syrup with the equal parts sugar and water. Heat gently on the stove, stirring until dissolved.

- Let the syrup cool while stirring

- Put sugar syrup in a bowl, add tonic, and let chill in the freezer a few hours

- Once chilled, add gin to the mixture, grated zest of a full lime, juice of full lime, grated zest of full lemon, and juice of half the lemon!

- Freeze this mixture

- Once frozen, seperate your egg white, froth the white and put aside. 

- Quick pulse blitz the frozen mixture in a blender, add the whites for the last pulse.

- Freeze

- Serve in glassware & enjoy on a warm day.

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