l'Orangerie Body Bar

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Designed and developed by POP Canberra in collaboration with base ethical soap.

Inspired by the old fashioned oranagerie’s of the 17th to 19th centuries, this is our take on the fashionable garden conservatory. Earthy, sweet, warm and nostalgic.


This decadent body bar is the perfect bathroom companion. Fine cocoa husk, from local chocolatiers Jasper + Myrtle, provide a gentle exfoliant while being velvety soft from the blending of cocoa butter. Subtly chocolate by nature from its premium ingredients, and scented with orange and vanilla essential oils - it smells good enough to eat. 



Ingredients: saponified plant oils (olive, coconut, castor & sweet almond), cocoa butter, Australian Orange essential oil, vanilla fragrance, kaolin clay & Jasper + Myrtle fine cocoa husk.