POP Punch Tea

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Holiday in the sun with this deliciously quenching punch of flavour! 


Designed and developed by POP Canberra, crafted and hand blended by Tea Garden Co.

Inspired by our signature candle scent - POP Punch - we wanted to bring the cocktail of flavours to life! 

Fruity, crisp and sweet, this tea is a deliciously quenching punch of flavour featuring freshly squeezed Orange, juicy chunks of Pineapple, lashings of Passionfruit and hibiscus flower.

The addition of the hibiscus flower naturally colours this tea an amazing colour of pink when being brewed!

Perfect as a splashy iced tea in the summer, as a stunningly refreshing cocktail, or just brewed in a tea pot.

Made in Canberra.

25 cups of tea in each cylinder (75 gm).

Ingredients: apple tea, orange peel, calendula petal, hibiscus flower, pineapple, orange and passionfruit natural flavour.