The View From Out Here

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Paperback book by Christine Crawford

When a parent dies young, reaching that age can be confronting. A routine question from his doctor makes Martin realise that he has reached the age his mother was when she died. From that moment, his life jolts out of place. He's soon on the road, heading into the unfamiliar Australian outback, leaving his job, home and loving wife Alison back in Sydney. 

Without a plan and not knowing what he's searching for, Martin keeps moving, gradually opening himself up to new places and encounters. Throughout his journey, he meets many people whose lives increasingly intersect.

Within this new life, how will Martin and Alison navigate a separation that could last a year? And how does an unexpected gift set Martin off on a new creative journey?

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Alison begins a project to mark the 30th anniversary of Martin's mother's death. Her research uncovers family secrets and previously unknown family members. 

This story weaves together the past and the present, the city and outback and the lives of a disparate group of people. It tells of friendship, family, love - of dealing with loss and learning how to live.