Through Windows

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Paperback book by Christine Crawford

Nineteen-year-old Maida doesn't want to be a chef. Daydreaming in her cooking class, she knows she will fail her upcoming exams. With a dead-end boyfriend and still hurting from her parent's separation, something has to change.

When she moves out of Sydnet to the Southern Highlands to care for her grandmother, she learns of an ancient stained glass window which has journeyed from France and across the centuries to arrive in Australia. Who is not its rightful owner? Could it be Maida herself?

At first she is wary of Ben the young man who has been hired by her grandmother. From a long-established family repairing stained glass, he has his own family conflicts to deal with.

Together, can Maida and Ben solve the mystery of the beautiful window? 

Over centuries it has witnessed great drama and conflict.

 Can Maida bring its dramatic journey to a peaceful conclusion, along the way discovering love and becoming an artist?

Then there's Nathaniel who feels responsible for the window. Will he give it up?

This story exxplores love, art, family and the bonds between generations...and a little bit of magic.