we're pivoting away from the pivot

Dear Canberra and beyond, 

We’re pivoting away from the pivot. 

POP Canberra has always been about experience. Above all else, we have always prided ourselves on creating an environment that feels different; a special atmosphere that can’t quite be explained. We work hard for this, but we also just leave the magic to itself and let the whatever-it-is do its thing. POP Canberra will always be a place for people to come together, to have fun, soak up good vibes and leave feeling a little better than when they arrived. We can’t capture that online during this lockdown, so I’ve made the decision to close our online store until we can be open in person once again.

We’ll be reopening on the 29th of October at 9:00am.

We’ll be the best POP we have ever been. We'll be making changes big and small. We'll be freshening up and refocusing on what we stand for and how we share our story.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that what we do is important. We value people, smiles, laughter, surprise and spontaneity. We need places to be human and we need spaces that inspire and ignite us. This is why we’ve decided to wait until we can give everyone the POP experience they value and deserve. 

So here’s to summer, sunshine, sharing meals again, seeing friends, laughing and having fun. 

Gabe (owner and founder of POP)