Brand Profile - LLL Designs

Brand Profile - LLL Designs

If you're in Canberra, there's no doubt you have seen someone rocking LLL Designs !

As Amanda's Instagram bio reads, 'Life’s too short to wear boring jewellery!'

Amanda has been creating outrageous, bold and fun acrylic accessories for the past 7 years and has been a regular at markets, at every iteration of POP and a friendly face of the Canberra community at large.


Amanda exudes a creative, fun and positive attitude that carries through into her work.

Every online order she packs is filled with lollies, confetti that she mixes by hand and finished with hand poked polka dots - it’s all in the details.... and every customer is a winner baby!


You may have also seen LLL Designs on Tanya Hennessy’s instagram.... you know, like that time Amanda designed and made Tanya tour merch for her national tour.

In the LLL packing studio we noticed a cross stitch of Tanya Hennessy and Amanda, made by one of Tanya's biggest fans especially for Amanda! Amanda told us the story of how she first met Tanya, who was an LLL Designs customer.

When Tanya and her radio co-host Ryan Jon started speaking on the weekday morning drive, the two presenters received a lot of public backlash. Tanya bravely spoke out about this and openly talked about her struggles in Canberra, and as we know, the road to success isn’t always easy..

Amanda reached out, writing a letter that we can only imagine felt like a ray of sunlight reflecting off sparkly acrylic!

Tanya credited Amanda's support as one of the driving forces to keep going. And she did, all the way to headlining her own national tour, where she collaborated with Amanda to create unique merch.

LLL Designs is woven with Amanda's positivity and warm spirit.

It’s real but light hearted... and LLL designs is full of love and personality!

Amanda showed us her home studio and fired up her laser cutter to show us how she creates all of these fabulous designs.

How long have you been making acrylic accessories and how long has LLL Designs been running?

I have always loved creating and making things whether it is sewing, crafting or jewellery making. In 2012 I took the opportunity to start my own small business which allowed me to do what I love every day and build LLL-Designs to where it is now, 7 years later!

Why is local shopping important to you?

Supporting local gives me the warm and fuzzies! 
There’s nothing better than being able to support another person right here where you live, creating and working their butt of to craft quality products. When you shop local small businesses you are not just buying a product, but a piece of that persons heart and soul. Keeping your money local is great for the area too! It’s a win win! What’s not to love.

 What has been the highlight of LLL Designs?

In 2019 I had the opportunity to collaborate with Tanya Hennessy and design and produce custom merch for her Australia-wide Comedy Tour with Christian Hull. It was AMAZING to work with Tanya and I feel very lucky to have had such a fun and exciting project available to me.

What was it like to take the leap and buy your own laser cutter?

Expensive…….lol   It was VERY exciting and opened up a new world of opportunities. It has meant that we can quickly design and prototype new ideas, do unique custom and wholesale work and also expand what we make for charities too. Since then we have introduced custom designer pet tags to the LLL Range and have had the opportunity to collaborate with local CBR organisations and charities.

What is your favourite spot in Canberra?

 I don’t have a single favourite spot really. I love anywhere I can catch up with friends and like minded creatives.

What have you been binge watching?

 I have been varied in what I have been watching, including Longmire, Justified, The Umbrella Academy to re-watching Lucifer prior to the new season coming out soon.

Amanda designs all the files on a computer program, allowing the laser cutter to know exactly where to cut and how deep to cut or engrave on the material. She designs multiple pieces at once and stacks them as tight as possible to reduce waste. 

She then hand paints details or text before cleaning them and fixing backings, details or other decorations to make her designs into stud earrings, dangle earrings, brooches, badges, key rings, dog tags and really anything she can dream up! 

We had the best time with Amanda, surrounded by her fun and positive energy, caring ethos and fun jewellery. Do yourself a favour and sprinkle some LLL love on yourself.

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