Brand Profile - Redbrick

Brand Profile - Redbrick

Freshly rebranded, Redbrick coffee is all over Canberra right now!

Redbrick have 4 of their own coffee shops, a large distribution base to Canberra coffee hot-spots, a roasting and production space and coffee beans in retail spaces all over Canberra.

Redbrick have created their very own style of coffee enjoyment over their 9 years of operation. Through a community approach to coffee making and serving, Redbrick have produced a unique way of creating coffee for their customer base; they have put the choice back in the hands of the consumer. 

The roasting process is at the very heart of Redbrick. In their coffee space, this is transparent, allowing the community to get excited about where their coffee is coming from.

Watching the team at work while sipping your favourite brew is exciting and engaging. It makes you appreciate the cup you are drinking even more. There's something special about watching real people engaging so passionately over the development of what you are drinking.

Another unique approach Redbrick have developed is their innovative coffee ordering system.

This system gives the customer the power. By asking what the customer actually likes and what they want from their cup of coffee, Redbrick have opened a discussion with the coffee drinking community. This lets customers find, drink and buy the perfect coffee for them.

The team have created four unique categories.

Classic, Sweet, Complex and Rich. Each have their own personality and flavour profile, offering a blend and single origin coffee in each. 

The fresh Redbrick website clearly defines and explains all of the categories if you are interested to learn more. Otherwise you can try them out at any of the four Redbrick coffee shops; Redbrick (Curtin), Makeshift (New Acton), Clay (Turner) or Roastery (Fyshwick).

We went to all 4!

Starting at Roastery in Fyshwick we met with Jimmy & Madeleine to talk coffee. 
Jimmy is the lead barista trainer and Madeleine is the General Manager.

They were able to let us know more about the new Roastery space, their coffee concept and the ins-and-outs of how they work.


We started by exploring the array of fresh coffee beans they import from a variety of locations. Each bean has been selected at different stages or processed a different way, giving unique flavour profiles and highlighting different taste characteristics. 

The roasting process is front and centre. This can be seen from the cafe, with a with a large glass wall providing the perfect frame to the action. The smell is rich and enticing. 

Each batch is closely developed with a careful watch over the temperature, monitored by roasting staff using strategically placed thermocouples on the inside of the roaster. Developing a perfect roast is the culmination of technology, the quality of the natural beans and the keen senses of the coffee roaster. A small cup of beans is collected from each batch. The day after roasting the team do a cupping to taste each batch, ensuring the quality and flavour of each roast is consistent.

The beans are blended and packaged on site.


Owner Tim answered some questions and gave us more of an insight into Redbrick.

How long have you been making coffee and how long has Redbrick been running?

I started working with coffee in 2007 when I opened my first coffee shop.    

I started Redbrick in 2011 in a small 40 square meter space in Curtin.   I wanted to create a coffee shop and coffee roastery that connected people with the amazing world of coffee.


Jimmy (left) & Tim (right) pictured at Roastery, Fyshwick.

Why is local shopping important to you?

Seeing Canberra grow as city is amazing and so much of it is because of the support the community gives to local business. Shopping local and supporting local businesses creates opportunity for people within Canberra and helps builds the culture of the city.   

What is your favourite stage in the coffee making journey?

Every aspect of the journey of coffee is fascinating. There are so many elements and people involved from the farming and selecting coffees all the way through to brewing and drinking the final cup. The process of constantly learning developing relationships within the industry and getting better at what we do is what makes my job so good.

I also still love drinking coffee.


What are your predictions about the next big coffee trend in cafes & also in homes?

I think brewing good filter coffee a home is still growing and something the local industry is supporting.  

In cafes, particularly in Canberra I am seeing demand for filter coffee and batch brew growing and I think this will only continue.  

What is your favourite spot in Canberra?

Redbrick in Curtin - Hanging out there and catching up with family, friends and regulars is the best.  


What have you been binge watching?

The last series I binged watched was “All or Nothing - Manchester City”. I love sport and seeing the inner workings of high performing teams.


Coffee is a deep an important community culture and a personal ritual. Redbrick has encapsulated both of these aspects, creating coffee shops that have been grown from community. Spaces with personality, warmth and amazing coffee to gather around. You, the coffee drinker, gets the power to discover and find out what your favourite category of coffee is. You then get the opportunity to take it home for your own brewing pleasures! 

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