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How does Pop handle shipping?

You've got an order! Now post your item(s) in our streamlined shipping process:

1. Package your order, using your own packaging or one of the packaging options provided by Australia Post.
2. Print Australia Post label (usually free).
• You will require a printer to print your postage label.
3. Post your order at your nearest Australia Post drop off location.

Additional fees

While most postage fees are covered by Pop, additional fees may be incurred based on the size of the parcel and the distance between addresses. You will be notified of any additional fees before printing the label.
How does Pop handle inventory management?
By default, a listing is assumed to be a single item. Once the item is sold, that's it—the listing is removed from public view. Turning inventory management on means your listing becomes a product—the listing is never deleted, and will be listed as “sold out” when inventory hits 0.
Calculation & turning off
Inventory is automatically calculated whenever a product is sold, and can be manually updated if you get more stock. Inventory management cannot be turned off once it has been turned on.
How much does Pop charge?
So if you're charging $20 AUD for a product, and a customer orders 3 items, your order subtotal is $60 AUD. 15% ($9.00 AUD) of that amount is deducted from your earnings as part of the Seller service fee. The customer is charged a $10 shipping fee. In this example:
• You'd earn $51 AUD
• Your customer would pay $70 AUD
Why has Pop structured their fees like this?
While we rely on these fees to help Pop run smoothly, we have also created this price structure to create a simple shipping experience. Pop allocates up to $10 + 13% of the order total towards shipping, which covers shipping costs in most cases. When you receive an order, you simply generate an Australia Post shipping label from inside the app, print it, and you're good to post. There are no other hidden fees, and we don't charge for payment processing. This allows Sellers to keep a larger portion of their earnings.
How do I get paid?
Pop pays out every Tuesday. Once you have signed up for selling, we will prompt you to nominate a bank account to send payments to.
Once you have entered your details, payments occur automatically.

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